Yes! The Edge is back!

Following much prodding from radio personalities, those wanting to get into the radio business, and a particular comedian I admire and whose name I won’t mention but who is known as Simmi Areff, I have decided to republish The Edge.

The original started off back in 2006 – when Facebook was still in its infancy, Twitter but a dream, and blogging needed an intimate knowledge of HTML – with the idea of providing an online repository of some of my original insights from over 25 years in radio. It was aimed primarily at those in student and community radio or at the entry stage of commercial radio, who quickly wanted to get the edge over their opposition and their colleagues – hence the name ‘The Edge’.

However, it soon became the go-to online reference for many established radio personalities, big names in the business, many of whom were former colleagues or whom I knew well, who would enthuse with every update about the value The Edge offered, and how it gave them the high-voltage jolt they needed (in today’s highly-formatted radio, it’s easy for a presenter to get stuck in a rut).

And so, what started off as a bit of a hobby, and a simple collection of thoughts became a highly-structured, four-series publication of hard-hitting, no-nonsense guidelines for making radio compelling, and had it’s own section on my personal website

The feedback was remarkable, and very flattering; the most common words being that The Edge had so much ‘real value’. And that should have been the warning bell.

Despite the recommendations from colleagues and friends that The Edge should be behind a paywall, I always insisted that it be freely accessible; in a way, it was my giving back to the industry and providing a reply to the most-commonly asked question of me: ‘how can I be better on radio?’ All I asked in return was that people reference The Edge if the work was republished anywhere else.

So, it came as a bitter blow when I found my work popping up, un-referenced, all over the internet; but it was when I found someone using my work and demanding a fee for their services that I decided enough was enough, and I pulled The Edge off my website.

But now it’s back – and in it’s own space – because, in the words of a particular comedian I admire and whose name I won’t mention but who is known as Simmi Areff, The Edge was ‘the shit, man!’, and it seems there’s a need for it. Warning: if you’re happy being a ‘format jock’, The Edge isn’t for you – it’ll fry your synapses.

It’s divided into four sections all listed in the menu at the top of the page:

  1. The Philosophy of Powerful Radio – the basics that never change;
  2. The Psychology of the Listener – getting into the head of the listener;
  3. Preparing the Product – the requirements before going on-air; and,
  4. Brilliant Execution – how to sound better than everyone else.

All the work here is original. It has been updated in some places, but nothing has come from any other resource. So, if you’re going to use or repost any of The Edge then please give due credit. If not, fine – be an asshole.